Thursday, June 18, 2009

On the Side

So today brought two surprises that although not pleasant, reminded me how important that everything  you can hold onto and treasure , you should because you never know when it's going to leave. Driving to work this morning (unfortunately) there was a beautiful coyote that had been hit, lying in the road. If I had had time I would have moved it out of the way but I couldn't. I thought about it off and on while at work and how it was too bad wild things had to be around things they didn't understand like cars.  And then while at work someone noticed an adorable sand piper looking bird which turned out to be an American Woodcock running around outside. I checked on it and it was not flying away and one wing seemed to be at an odd angle. I brought it inside and later Michael brought it home to hopefully give to someone that was qualified to help it. Unfortunately it passed away soon after so something must have hit it earlier or it was sick. So I painted this quick watercolor of it and will try and donate the bird to the Harvard Natural History Museum. The point to this post is that although we have this plan in place to go to France in a year, it is also a good reminder to relish all of the things that are around now and not just live for the future. You never know what's not going to be here later.  

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  1. You and Michael are so sweet. Always taking in strays and trying to help injured animals!

    So sad the bird and coyote didn't make it.