Sunday, March 14, 2010

Too long again.....

This piece called "Anticipation " was one of five that is in the Connecticut show!!!

This is recent pic of Mr. Otis!!!!

Well as was to be expected it's been a long time since my last post. A new year and new situations!!! Otis is now a year old!!! Since we are not sure of his birthday, I guess March 15th will have to do. He has become a wonderful addition to our home and we love him very much.
Here is a recent pic!!!! We still plan on going somewhere this summer but maybe not for a month and maybe more like Montreal or Quebec. We have a new tenant in the studio apt. as of yesterday so that will definitely help pay for the bills. My work was accepted in an art show In Conn. called "Picture That" Women in Art. So hopefully that will be a good thing.....
We will start fostering cats for the Merrimack Valley Feline Rescue group in a couple of weeks.
Luna and Pearl did go home to California at the end of January and are doing very well. Though I miss them!!!! That's all for now and I promise more soon!!!!