Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ah progress!!!

Today started off wonderfully with going to a great breakfast Diner near my house!! Ah pancakes and bacon!!!! We then went back home to load up the steam radiator that needs to be powder coated an antique cream color that will look great against the red wall. At some point I'll post the one we had done  with a wonderful copper color a while ago for those of you who haven't seen it in person. What a great find this place was!!!! He only charges  $10.00 a section for radiators!!! Anyway here is a pic of Michael SLOWLY lowering it down the back stairs on a dolly.  It has to weigh about 300 pounds. Then we took an old washer and dryer to a salvage yard and got a whole $5.80 back!!!! Yay!!!! Money towards the trip!!!! I know I know, money earned is not equaling money spent yet, but just wait 'til we start finishing things for sale!!! Michael will  be playing piano for an hour this Sat. so that is a small gig and then there are other things coming up. So he's moving along well with that. I have someone possibly interested in a painting in Haverhill so that might work out. So off to some painting on the trim and then my niece graduates from the 8th grade!!! That's it for today kids!!!! 

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