Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day One!!!

Well day one is over and we got a great start!!!  After I got home from work we worked on the office that will help us organize the rest of everything.  The walls, lighting  and ceiling are done, and the trim is next. After that the floor gets a light coat of varnish. This will be our "central hub" for life in general and for the trip. So as soon as the office is done, the studio will be next, and the projects can begin!!!!! I have a lot of paintings, fimo clay beads, and jewelry things that need to be finished and put up for sale on my page. Michael has some wonderful Boutique amps that he has built that we are going to work on selling. And he has gigs coming up at the Strange Brew in Manchester NH. So-here we go!!!!


  1. Awesome!! Keep up the good work - 1 year will fly by and before you know it, you'll be blogging from Paris :)

  2. Really? This project requires its own office?? :)