Monday, August 17, 2009

Away so long!!!

Well hello!!! Sorry it's been so long since I blogged!!! Lots of things happening around here!!!!
Since my last entry We have finished painting the downstairs bathroom ceiling and base color for the walls, painted the downstairs hallway ceiling, and organized the studio to the point that it's almost workable!!! We haven't decided on a pattern yet for the walls in the bathroom which is why the stripes are different sizes. I started gathering information about some things for ebay and will be listing them soon. I did list a doll of Mom's for her so I hope that sells. (ITEM # 170371455655) We hired someone to chip up all of the brush in Mom's yard and cut off a few huge branches that are much too high up for us to reach in my yard. It will make the yard much larger!!! We had my niece and Michael's nephew over this weekend and they got along wonderfully!!! He is 10 and she's almost 14. It really was a fun weekend. And the biggest news is that we have taken in a foster cat named Ottis!!!! He's an adorable 4 or 5 month old long haired orange tabby that a now ex-coworker needed a place for until he finds his own place. Hmmm...sounds like another cat we had for 7 months..........also began with an O.........hmmmm.
Well anyway he's very very cute and everyone loves him. I don't know how long he'll be here but as usual he will be very spoiled while he is. We also have two more cats, (and maybe their owners!) coming for the month of Sept. And the cats will be here through the month of Oct. as well due to the owners going on a road trip to California to try and find a place to live out there. Ah..... Diane's house of lost people, cats and whatever else comes this way........
Well anyway.....that's enough for now !!!!!!