Monday, October 5, 2009

yikes almost two months!!!!

Well it really has been a long time!!! Sept. came and went and so did our friends that stayed for a month and left for CA this past Thurs. morning.
Brittany and Jeremy and their two adorable cats, Pearl and Luna, had been in the downstairs apt. and Otis staying upstairs. (That is when he is not visiting downstairs terrorizing the other two. But for the most part he has been getting better. )
They began a long drive to CA and will look around and see what part of CA they want to live in. Who knows where they will end up but we wish them lots of luck when they figure it out. Of course it means giving them their cats back when they do decide......hmmmmmm
Speaking of cats by the way we have officially adopted Otis!!!! Who by the way in the pic above is sitting in front of the radiator we got back wonderfully powder coated!!!!!
So now we have an official pet besides the turtles, and the raccoons, and the squirrels, and the mice that live in house!!!!! (well at least we bought the turtles!!!)
Work on the house is progressing as well and we are gathering materials to fix the back part of the house. We will be doing that soon.
Also my art projects are slowly coming together, I finished four paintings of puppies for greeting cards that I hope to put in a shop in Andover called Little Lulu and Dot, that sells adorable dog toys, jewelry , art, collars and a bunch of other very cute things. I'll let you know if she takes the cards.
With fall coming I also wanted to share these photos of a flowering vine I have been planting from seed for the past few years but this is the first time I have had real success. It's a type of Morning Glory I think, called Cardinal Climber and the flowers are small but very bright. What really attracts me though are the leaves. Very odd shape and they change colors so often it's almost better than waiting for Fall. Here are some pics..........

I am getting some Fall/Halloween art together for a show in Haverhill at Angles & Art Gallery and Framers. The reception is on Thurs. the 29th of Oct. from 5 to 8 pm so please do stop by if you get a chance!!! That's it for now, off to work!!! Di.

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