Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy lumberjacking!!!

Well this past weekend was devoted to finally cutting up the huge Mulberry tree and very large Maple branches that fell in my Mom's yard in December. It took A LOT of work and many glasses of water, ice tea and lemonade but we finally got it all cut up. And all of the wood taken away by Monday. Now we just have to either chip up or have someone chip up the smaller stuff. Here is a photo of me in full chainsaw gear! Not that I actually cut anything with this monster. Just for show. Afterwards I saw this Scarlet Tanager behind my house and Michael made this wonderful Lebanese dish with Hummus, beef, tomatoes and chick peas. Yum!!! Saturday I am going to Ogunquit, ME for two art receptions and then we are off to Ikea on Sunday morning to pick up stuff for the office and studio. Ah Ikea!!!! The downstairs apt. hallway  got it's first coat of Kills stain blocker paint tonight with about two more coats to go before the actual ceiling paint. Then we fix the downstairs bathroom ceiling and then.........the outside very huge under the overhang project up on scaffolding begins!!!!! Yikes!!!


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